Dori’s World: Lunch with Karl Lagerfeld

Today I went to the fashion council lunch with Karl Lagerfeld with Lizzie Tisch. In Jason Wu was the hostess of our table. I wore Valentino Red. Andrew Bolton from the Met, Nancy Lane, Hillary Tisch, Robert Verdi, Brooke Travis, Kim Kassel and Natalie Gershel Kaplan were at our table. As I walked into the lunch I ran into Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman looking glamourous as always. Coralie Chariole won a Chanel watch. How funny is that? Amanda Brooks was there. Fabiola Bercasa, Caroline Seber the Chanel muse, Lauren Santedomingo, Chrissie Miller, Christine Schwartzman, Ulla Parker, Martha Stewart, Rebea McNabe from Chanel, Daphnie McGuisness, Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Tally, Nadia Sworskki, Jim Shi, Derek Blassberg and Gigi Mortimer were also there. Also Dianne Kruger and Shala Monroe, Patrick McMullan, Veronica Webb, David Patrick Columbia and Daphne Guinness.