Dori’s World: Labor Day Weekend in The Hamptons

I hadn’t been to the Hamptons in two months, so it was great to get back and see all of my friends. Wednesday night Jon and Lizzie Tisch, their daughter, Hillary, David Schulhof, Stacey Pashcow, Doug Teitelbaum, Jeff and Nancy Lane and I went to Mark’s house for a great dinner. The next day I went to see Rachel Zoe and her husband, Rodger Berman, and then to visit Harlan and Debbie Peltz. I also stopped by to see Serena Boardman and John Theo to congratulate them on their new baby girl.

On Thursday night, my friend Drew Katz came out for the weekend and we went out to see Rachel Zoe, and her assistant, Brad Goreski, Brian Atwood, Jake Deutz, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedect. Then we headed to Harry LeFrak’s dinner party. Tamara Mellon, newly married Christina Floyd, Al Acquavella, Bettina Zilkha, Lisa McFadden, Dorit and Todd Morley, Topper Mortimer and Lily Maddock joined us. Our last stop was on Friday night for Meredith and Bryan Verona’s Mexican party with the Bechmans, Eleanor Propp and Nina Davidson. Friday also brought the rain, so Drew Katz and I had a great lunch at the Tisch’s. Lizzie’s grandmother Bernice showed us her new book she published. After lunch, Sean Avery, Hilary Rhoda, Jessica Stam and I went to catch a movie, then back to their house for a barbecue. There’s nothing like a fun rainy day in the Hamptons.

Saturday night was Rao’s night at the Tischs. Dino Gatto, the chef from Rao’s Restaurant, and his team came to their house and cooked an amazing meal for an intimate group of 50 people.  Samantha and Aby Rosen, Anne Buford, Jane Lauder, Drew Katz, Richard and Jane Wagman, Richie Notar, Hillary Tisch, Emily and Harold Ford, and Lily and Doug Band were just some of the guests. The night ended with the cutest giants cupcakes, and Jon and Lizzie gave great toasts. Michael Hirtenstein had a party at his house as well where reality star Jonathan Cheban was, and Ben Bram had his fabulous annual beach party on Flying Point as well.