Diaz Brings out the Inner Chloe Sevigny at The Jane Hotel

Sabrina Chapman, Haute Living’s New York Online Editor had a quick Q&A with Diaz of Ion Studio backstage at Jane Hotel for the Candela Presentation.

Q. Who is in charge?

Leonardo Manneti came up with the look and I’m directing the show.”

Q. What is the inspiration of the hair styling?

“The way we came up with it is we have a picture of Chloe Sevigny and she is at dinner. But it wasn’t necessarily about her having dinner, it was about her doing her thing, you know… her night out.”

Q. How did you translate this into hair?

“We have the girls with their hair down. The girl is a little disturbed. It’s not supposed cute. It’s not supposed to be pretty. What we are putting in the end is a bow … a sad bow. And with the collection leaves a very cool feeling.”