Bentley Motors Announces the New Bentley Continental GT

If you enjoy a luxury motor vehicle, then the new Bentley Continental GT is right up your alley. Originally introduced in 2003, the Continental GT represented Bentley’s prestige, offering premier usability that stayed true to the Bentley “touring spirit.”

With the introduction of the new Continental GT four-seat coupe, Bentley continues to portray its unprecedented style and dedication to performance like its iconic precursor but with better improvements in design, engineering, luxury, craftsmanship and refinement.

Some of the new and most exciting features include:

New, sculptured exterior exudes quality and design integrity

–   Sharp power lines due to advanced production techniques such as aluminum Super Forming.

–   LED daytime-running lights and jeweled headlamps.

–   More upright matrix radiator grille.

Contemporary, hand-crafted cabin with class-leading refinement

–   A bold dashboard and instrument panel finish in luxurious leather hides.

–   Cobra-design seats for comfort and enhanced rear cabin space.

–   A new touchscreen, 30GB infotainment system introduces advanced satellite navigation.

–   Balance Mode Radiator speaker in the audio system.

–   Dirac Dimensions™ DSP for exceptional sound reproduction.

More powerful W12 engine at launch with FlexFuel capability

–   6-litre W12 engine twin-turbocharged engine produces 575PS (567bhp/423kW) and 700Nm (516 lb ft) of torque.

–   0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

–   Top speed of 198 mph.

Dynamic, engaging driving experience

–   ZF 6HP28 transmission with Quickshift system that cuts shift times by 50 percent.

–   Increased front and rear track improves grip and stability.

–   Advanced ESC system fully exploits the potential of the more powerful W12 engine and improved chassis.

Class-leading infotainment systems

–   Advanced touchscreen technology with rich map imagery and a 30GB on board hard drive.

–   The 8-inch screen displays the car’s audio system, telephone, ride and comfort settings and the very latest navigation system.

–   Uses a combination of touchscreen controls and classic knurled rotary switches to offer instant usability and crystal-clear feedback.

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