Andy Warhol and Harpar’s Bazaar 1951-1964 in Dubai

As Harpar’s Bazaar Fortnight of Fashion soon approaches (October 7th- October 20th) so does a special exhibition of original illustrations by Andy Warhol commissioned for Harpar’s Bazaar during his career. These Andy Warhol drawings, which have arrived all the way from New York, are a unique piece of fashion and art history.

Warhol began his career doing advertising and illustration in the 1950s. He loved his mother’s handwriting and so when he would draw he would ask her to transcribe the given text. During his time as a freelancer for Harpar’s he became known for his illustrations of shoes and also of accessories, beauty products, perfumes, butterflies and cats. These sweet and joyful fashion illustrations full of innocence and unique style were part of what helped launched Warhol’s career as an artist.

Although reflective of 1950s style, the drawings continue to hold a unique vitality today. Diane Vreeland was the fashion editor of Harpar’s Bazaar at the time and she greatly appreciated Warhol’s work.

We’ll enjoy and appreciate once again these lovely Warhol drawings in the Fashion Dome at the Dubai Mall as part of the Harpar’s Bazaar Fortnight of Fashion. A rare exhibit bridging the fields of art and fashion, Andy Warhol’s illustrations take part in history as they travel to Dubai.