A Sprinkle of Gold

Gold leaf has been used in liqueur dating back to European countries as early as the 16th century. In recent history, gold leaf can be found in a variety of dishes, namely desserts, in continents all over the world. Though this cuisine trend is nothing innovative, a company is taking the concept to the next level. German based Aureapassion has created a line of sugar, salt, pepper, liqueur, and even bath salts, all gilded in shining gold.

The company’s Orangen-Likör mit Blattgold, roughly translated to “orange liqueur with gold leaf” is an Elder liqueur dusted with 23-carat gold leaf. The 100ml bottle is priced at only $27.86. A step above their liquor is their blinging bath salts. Priced at just $69.86 this 100ml vile of bath salts are 23-carat gold dipped and perfect for a romantic evening with an extra splash of class.

Moving onto their condiment creations, Aureapassion has a special line of golden spices. Their gold leaf Himalayan salt, Brazilian pink pepper, and sugar can be purchased in individual 100ml bottles for $138.60 a piece or acquired in a triple set, named Gewürzset, for $326.20. Each bottle is 100ml and contains 23-carat gold leaf.

These luxury goods are handcrafted in Germany and are available for worldwide shipping. These unique products are perfect for a special meal, housewarming gift, or even an engagement present. They are unexpected, yet upscale, and an interesting addition to any household.

For more information or to purchase these gilded creations, contact info@aureapassion.com or visit  www.aureapassion.com.