Haute Yachts: Mi Sueño Is Muy Bueno

A yacht in the 200-foot range certainly has a lot of deck space inside and out to offer, but sometimes that’s the problem. Owners can get carried away with making salons, staterooms, and upper-deck lounges so spacious that the rooms end up being simply too big, lacking in intimacy.

Thankfully that pitfall was skillfully avoided aboard Mi Sueño. A 190-footer recently delivered by Trinity Yachts, the yacht has a handful of well-designed relaxation areas that should make other owners of super-size superyachts sit up and take notice.

The most successfully executed area is the wine-tasting room, located just inside the doors from the main aft deck. Instead of starting the saloon at those doors, the owner wanted an extra place to welcome guests and relax. Interior designer Patrick Knowles of Patrick Knowles Designs delineated it with marble and tile underfoot and silver leaf overhead. A floor-to-ceiling curtain lies at its forward edge, a terrific way to separate it from the salon and give it its own personality. Knowles further commissioned custom, climate-controlled wine cabinets to line the walls to each side. All told, more than 400 bottles can be stored here or selected for sampling. Plush benchseats, flanked by petrified tree trunks that serve as end tables, let the owner and guests gather to discuss the libations. They can even select a cigar from humidors beneath the wine cabinets.

Mi Sueño features another well-fashioned gathering area on her uppermost deck. The aptly named sundeck has lounges for catching rays, an alfresco dining spot, a bar, and both a hot tub and a dip pool. Now, with the exception of the dip pool, there’s really nothing terribly unusual about this lineup.

However, the way the areas are arranged sets Mi Sueño apart. The semi-circular bar has an aft countertop, accompanied by a few bar stools, and a forward counter top, which butts up directly against the hot tub. This allows family and friends to be seated or soaking and not only still laugh and talk with one another, but also request (and receive) tropical drinks within arm’s distance.

If you’d like to check out Mi Sueño for yourself, you can: The yacht is presently available for charter for a party of 12 in the Mediterranean. The rate is approximately $355,682 per week (it’s quoted in Euros, so the currency exchange rate fluctuates slightly). International Yacht Collection holds the central listing, though your favorite charter broker can also book the yacht.