Haute Razor: The Perfect Shave in Los Angeles

If you find that you can rarely pamper yourself, look no further than having a professional give you that proper shave you deserve. Since women are usually the ones doing most of the pampering, many barbers and salons are opening their doors for men to indulge in treatments and procedures specifically for them. When a fancy night on the town is in order or you are just looking for some smooth skin, one of these three shops can offer a helping hand.

The Art of Shaving
You have probably seen their full line of men’s products and could quite possibly own a product or two from their line. Though their shaving creams and lotions are out of this world, men rave about getting a trim or shave at the West L.A. location where forty-five minutes are granted to efforts of relaxation. With hot towel treatment and a proper shave, the specialists at this shop truly make shaving look like an art form.

The Art of Shaving is located at 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles

The Brighton Shave Co.
With an antiquated feel, The Bright Shave Co. looks like it belongs in the 50’s rather than in Beverly Hills. This parlor, which offers multiple shave services as well as other treatments such as mini facials for men and back rubs, provides a personal experience to each client. As the barber decides the best products to use and shave to give, men finally understand the beauty of getting pampered.

The Brighton Shave Co. is located at 9635 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Shave of Beverly Hills
Another Beverly Hills favorite, The Shave is like a second home to those in the entertainment business as well as men looking for a clean and proper shave. By using the finest products and shaving techniques, The Shave assures every client will leave satisfied and smooth. If you are hosting a party or an event, The Shave and its barbers will happily provide services to party goers and guests.

The Shave of Beverly Hills is located at 230 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif.