Haute Kardashian: Turning Good Looks into an Empire

Though Kim Kardashian has yet to turn thirty years old, she has built an empire that the most famous of celebrities are envious of. With perfume deals, clothing line collaborations and her reality television show that started it all, Kim has taken endorsement deals to a whole other level and has gone from Princess Kim to all out mogul.

After Keeping Up with the Kardashians became an overnight success, people began to see Kim as both a reality television star as well as sex symbol. Her spread in Playboy Magazine seemed to get everyone’s attention and forced those who knew nothing about her to take notice. Though negative attention was linked with her appearance in Playboy as well as her sex tape, Kim took her good looks straight to the bank and began making deals left and right.

GNC quickly teamed up with Kim and her sister Khloe to endorse Quick Trim, a cleansing diet system that soon led to commercials and live appearances. After Kim’s looks became all the rage, she soon signed deals to endorse a skincare line called PerfectSkin as well as her own workout video, perfectly titled Body Beautiful.

Though Kim’s looks made her famous, it was her sense in fashion that made her popular amongst twenty-something’s looking to Kim for fashion inspiration. Kim and her sisters teamed up with bebe to create a line of fun and flirty apparel that was inspired by the trio. She is also in the works of teaming up with Jupi Corporation to create a line of apparel, accessories and handbags.

With other endorsements such as her deal with Famous Cupcakes as well as her own perfume, the rising star has pretty much dabbled in every part of the industry. Even though she is famous for plastering her face on bottles and brands, the starlet has taken a more serious role as a Producer for Spin Crowd, a new E! reality television show about PR executives in Los Angeles.

Once you have compiled all of the things Kim has accomplished, you realize that she really is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood.

Thanks to endorsement deals, reality shows and her first role as a Producer, the empire that this Kardashian has built is always growing, one deal at a time.