Ben Affleck and Heather Holley at Bistro Chat Noir for Official Hank

When you meet an artist on the rise to stardom a spark ignites. Some may call it spectacular excitement, others a natural buzz, but one thing is certain there is a captivating energy in the air inviting YOU to take part.

Official Hank, an emerging and soon to be pop icon, recently started his “Let’s Make It Official” fundraising campaign for his upcoming album on

Official Hank held an intimate launch event to celebrate the campaign and raise awareness several weeks ago at Bistro Chat Noir, a quaint hotspot on 66th and Madison in the Upper East Side, known for it’s celebrity clients like ehem… Anna Wintour.

Official Hank, Heather Holley, Christina Aguilera

Supporting the launch were New York based multi-platinum songwriter and producer Heather HolleyBen Affleck, Dina Fania of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Pop-culture and celebrity blogger Jonathan Valdez. In an acoustic style fit for only the most intimately subdued evening, (the kind where celebrities wine and dine without the flash of paparazzi), Official Hank cleared the center of the room. He parked a stool and sang lyrics that truly made New York City an honor to call home.

With a goal of 20k by October 4 for his upcoming album, I invite YOU to take part of the initiative. Check out more details at Let’s Make it Official.