All In Your Head

A less than thrilling glance in the mirror once told me an important story through a lackluster reflection. And since lackluster isn’t something I’m willing to tolerate, I made a brazen move for my jewelry box. Perhaps it was that I hadn’t been able to coincide with my dear friend and stylist, Oribe, whose magical scissor wielding usually does the trick, but the grown-out locks left much to be desired. The clever pinning of a strand of platinum and pink pearls in my hair, like fine-jewelry’s version of garland, instantly added sparkle. Was it the jewelry, or the injection of confidence that something as decadent as wearing jewelry in my hair was able to provide? In any case, it did the trick, and people took notice. I must admit, however, that the idea was far from my own. It turns out that jewelry houses have been creating everything from brooches to earrings that are meant to double as hair clips for decades. In fact, some have gone as far as to deliver collections of very beautiful, modern interpretations of tiaras that speak to the princess within us all. Anyone can don a pair of ear clips, but only the most bold bear jewelry in their hair.