Haute Jewelry Obsession: To Be Perfectly Frank-el

We’re going to make a beeline to the point – and this one’s speaking straight from the vault, er, heart — we love pretty things. But pretty is as pretty does, and Miami-based Phillips Frankel is in the business of making lasting impressions that far transcend the beauty of the pieces themselves.

Designers Lisa and Danielle Frankel are insistent on enduring eternal style by re-envisioning classics with sophisticated modernity creating timeless sparklers cascading in striking gems, a sea of colors, and versatile styles that allow loyal clients to mix-and-match pieces. Founder Lisa has been maturing her innate flair for design into her professional ardor since 1983. Already having gained notoriety and an exclusive client base with her select designs, Lisa was joined by daughter Danielle, who began enlisting her proclivity for the arts and impeccable style to Phillips Frankel in 2006. Lisa and Danielle’s mutual affinity for meticulous attention to detail and unique fashions bred today’s Phillips Frankel.

Catering to high-end clientele with a private showroom that opened in 2007, Phillips Frankel has always satisfied an elite milieu by extending a nonpareil, private shopping experience; a devotion to charity and community outreach, including partnerships with noble organizations such as Best Buddies International; and a philosophy where the creation of classic trends is poised at its core. Adamantly conquering private sale and successful consultation with international designers, Phillips Frankel has unveiled its drop-dead-gorgeous collections, inspired by influential icons from the past 30 years and years of interaction with jet-set sophisticated clients from around the globe, diversifying its strict referral-only basis policy with the launch of its promising E-commerce site.

People are talking and the verdict is in. Next time you’re in a jewel jam, or just because, adore your adornments and be-forever-jeweled in Phillips Frankel. Whether the season calls for excess, or just the bare necessities, Phillips Frankel has all of your lustrous material instincts covered. And that’s the latest rage in jewelry from the Haute Living bling ring…quite frank-el-y speaking.

In light of being selected for O, The Oprah Magazine‘s, “The O List,” score a haute deal on an alluring 14-karat rose gold and diamond pendant on July 26. Log onto the brand’s website and use the code OPRAH to save 55 percent on the Delicate Affairs necklace, $391, normally $869.

Virtually stunning online at Phillips Frankel.

Phillips Frankel is located at 1935 West Ave., Suites 200-202, 305.604.5656, www.phillipsfrankel.com.