Haute Spas: Green & Organic

Though you can receive your deep tissue massage and seaweed body wrap at any day spa, those looking for a little bit of added luxury should visit spas aimed at keeping their products and treatments green and organic. Spas devoted to such practices seem to deliver wonderful results using organic-friendly and sometimes homemade products to add that extra element to an already relaxing experience.

Three green and organic spas worth visiting in Los Angeles attest to keeping an eco-friendly environment for guests and spa-goers to enjoy.

rA Organic Spa
This organic spa devoted to safe and eco-friendly practices resembles a remote Zen garden rather than a place for massages and facials. Those looking for treatments such as Chinese acupuncture and facials such as “Garden of Youth” can indulge in a wide selection of treatments and procedures. rA Organic is also known for their scrub bar featuring green tea and crushed rice body scrub as well as their baths that can be filled with anything from honey drizzle to fruit and crème.

rA Organic Spa is located at 119 N. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, Calif.

Purity Organic Spa
When a celebrity facialist and eyebrow secialist opened Purity Organic Spa, celebrities and those craving organic treatments began making appointments for various treatments. Though Purity Organic offers a bevy of facials and different types of Japanese massage, this spa is unique thanks to their use of organic makeup and nutritional counseling. With this counseling, you will receive private and personal help from a Nutritionist who can help you make healthier life and eating choices with the use of organic products. If you are looking to not only cleanse your body but also your mind, Purity Organic Spa is an absolute must.

Purity Organic Spa is located at 3487 Cahuenga Blvd. W., Bungalow B, Universal City, Calif.

Green Bliss Eco Spa

If your schedule limits you from visiting a spa, Green Bliss Eco Spa will eliminate the travel time and come to you. This mobile spa, unlike others, commits to a green lifestyle while delivering treatments that make it impossible to believe could arrive from a vehicle. Offering spa treatments such as facials and Therapeutic massage, Green Bliss takes it up a notch by offering at home yoga, cleanses and intuitive hypnosis. In the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can manage to go green by simply relaxing.

Green Bliss Eco Spa can be contacted at 310.859.2272, ext. 1