Ready to Bare It: The Haute 5 Summer Spa Treatments in Dallas

Summer doesn’t exactly sneak up on you in Dallas. We know it’s here when we’re running from our offices to the sanctuary of our air conditioned vehicles. But if we manage to take the boat out to party cove or visit the infinity pool on the weekends, we know we need to look our best. Here’s how to get you beautiful for any nearly-nude affair the season may bring.

ZaSpa’s Body Buff and Massage

ZaSpa is a relaxation oasis tucked away inside the gorgeous ZaZa Hotel, a favorite for visiting celebs and discerning Dallasites alike. They like to get into the spirit of things in the summer, so they whip up a body scrub/massage duo in some very tropical flavors. Get buffed out in your choice of Kiwi Coconut, Honey Papaya, Mango Ginger or Pomegranate treatments to get you glowing head to toe, then enjoy a luxurious massage that will work out all that excess winter tension you’ve been harboring. Add this to your “Summer in Za City” stay package, and flaunt your stuff at a poolside villa.

ZaSpa, Hotel ZaZa, 2332 Leonard Street, 214-468-8399

Riviera Spa’s Endermologie Cosmetic Therapy System

Yes, we all have those little spots we wish we could tighten, lift, or just get rid of. Then we could sport that thong bikini we so long to dig out of the closet. At the Riviera Spa, reshaping your body has never been easier with their  Endermologie treatment – a non-invasive, effective cosmetic therapy system. Here’s what you’ll do: go in for a series of treatments, ranging from 12 to 16 depending on what they recommend. You’ll lay on one of their custom massage tables while an “Endermologist” uses the device, a sort of vacuum chamber that massages away unwated fat and cellulite. The treatment is also known to increase circulation and skin tone. It’s safer than lipo and easier than the gym, and you’ll be confident all eyes will be on your bod when it comes time to towel off.

Riviera Spa, 4445 Travis Street, Suite 102, 214-521-2112

Avalon Salon/Spa’s Brazilian Wax

Let’s face it: it’s not easy to be face-to-private place with a total stranger, even if you know those unsightly hairs need to go. You need a professional, not only to ensure a quality job (what’s up with all these red spots??!!) but to put you at ease. The ladies at Avalon are rumored to be the best of the best, estheticians with talent that can talk you off your ledge and into that hiney-in-the-air position. So whether you’re getting smoothed out for the weekend or heading on a month-long vacay, you’ll be pleasantly fur free.

Avalon Salon/Spa, 3699 Mckinney Avenue, 214-969-1901

The Spa at the Crescent’s Rosewood Complete Facial

It’s fun to play in the sun, but being smart about skin care is essential. If sun-kissed skin has gone to sun-burned more often than you would like, head over to the Crescent for their 110-minute delux facial. Relaxation and rejuvenation are key here, and the experts at the Spa at the Crescent will pull out all the stops to achieve healthy, younger looking skin using professional-grade masks, microdermabrasion, sonic deep-cleaning and oxygen treatments.

The Spa at The Crescent, 400 Crescent Court, 214-871-3200

Airbrush Tanning and Teeth Whitening at Evanesque

Nothing says summer like a healthy glow and a bright smile. Evanesque offers both. Their Bronze Biologic all-natural spray tan is a go-to for clients that don’t want that orange appearance or that strange chemical smell. The solution is comprised of natural ingredients, and the warm, bronze tone will finalize after only four to 12 hours, versus days using other airbrush tanning. For a white, dazzling smile, try their 20-minute teeth whitening service, guaranteed to brighten your chompers at least two shades or your money back.

Evanesque, 4645 N. Central Expressway, Suite 100, 214-575-5252