Montblanc’s James Bond-ish Behavior

Yesterday I told you about my visit to Montblanc’s press preview at The Pierre Hotel. There were plenty of amazing products on display, including the new women’s jewelry and a range of spectacular watches, but what really blew me away was their newest writing instrument. After all, Montblanc is perhaps best known as a writing brand.

For the last five years, Montblanc has been working to develop Personal Code Ink, an inherently luxurious and extraordinary writing instrument linked to your specific John Hancock. That’s right. The latest writing tool from Montblanc is linked to your handwriting just like your fingerprint is linked to your fingers. Personal Code Ink contains an invisible, fragrance-free botanical code that is compared to the human DNA code; this botanical code allows your handwriting to be traced directly back to you. Wouldn’t the CIA love to get their hands on this? I thought so.

Housed in a sleek wooden box, Personal Code Ink Edition comes with two writing instruments, which are specifically designed to carry the special Code Ink. The first is the Meisterstück LeGrand Signature Pen, which is Montblanc’s first-ever felt tip pen, in the classic Meisterstück design with gold-plated fittings. I had the distinct opportunity of testing this beauty out, and it does not disappoint. This pen is capable of sweeping your signature over the surface of glass, plastic, paper, and many more varieties of surfaces. The second pen is the Meisterstück Solitaire Barley LeGrand Rollerball Platinum-Plated, also with gold-plated fittings. Each of these unique pens is filled with your Personal Code Ink, and the box comes equipped with refills for each instrument.

What’s more, Montblanc verifies the authenticity of your Personal Code Ink on signed documents, memorabilia, and other goods in a laboratory test upon request.