Greubel Forsey Luncheon at The Modern

A man who wears a Greubel Forsey is the type of man who can handle the weight and power of the universe on his wrist. The timepiece is a technological marvel that entitles it’s wearer to levels of deity stature, like a modern day Saturn (but better looking). If you can wear a Greubel Forsey, you are the type of man who can run the world. An emblem of prestige and innovation, a Greubel Forsey timepiece is in fact the ultimate power accessory.

This past Friday, I had the unique opportunity to lunch at the Modern with Stephen Forsey, for whom Greubel Forsey has 50% of its namesake, Head of Marketing for Greubel Forsey Sylvere Demonsais, Communications Director Laura Q. Hughes, and Haute Living Magazine CEO Kamal Hotchandani.

Stephen Forsey

In speaking with Stephen Forsey, his eyes lit with excitement as he showed us three of his masterpieces: The Invention Piece 3, The Tourbillon 24 Seconds, and The Double Tourbillon Technique. Each masterpiece is an equation of skill, craftsmanship and innovation. Recognizant of the past, present and future, the level of architectural mastermind of micro mechanisms in a Greubel Forsey is simply captivating. When you gaze into it, you feel as though you are gazing into a microscope of the internal workings of the universe.

Over bites of luxurious delicacies from the Modern’s lunch menu,such as Chilled Maine Lobster Salad, Long Island Duck Breast and Tartare of Yellowfin Tuna and Diver Scallops, conversation spanned a variety of topics. From developments in Abu Dabi, night clubs in Manhattan, the World Cup, to social media implementation and integration of twitter and Facebook into marketing campaigns, and the priceless networking on private jet rides, the round-table discussion buzzed with the words from well educated, worldly minds.

As the table polished off frothy macchiatos and strong espresso, a young gentleman politely entered the scene from a nearby table. The linens were still tucked neatly in their napkin rings, evident that he and his friend has just arrived. He asked Stephen, “May I borrow your watch?” As it turned out the gentleman had attended Greubel Forsey’s Collectors Dinner the evening prior. Not only had he immediately recognized Stephen Forsey, he was so enamoured with the timepiece he simply had to show his dining companion firsthand. If the gentleman’s behavior is any inclination of the intimate appeal and recognition of the timepieces amongst the global power players, it is clear skies ahead for this luxury company.