Green Trends: The Vero Water Bottling System

Did you know that some of America’s trendiest restaurants no longer sell bottled water but use alternative water-delivery methods? The Vero Water bottling system is designed to “produce the purest possible still and sparkling water on demand” through a seven-step reverse osmosis purification process that occurs “at the point-of-use, chilling and carbonating absolutely pure water only seconds before it arrives at your table.” According to the Environmental Working Group, more than 38 chemical pollutants were found in the 10 most popular bottled water brands.

Restaurants, hotels and corporations can now use a product that offers an ample supply of reusable bottles that save stocking space and can even increase profit margins. The company describes a prominent South Beach restaurant that was able to increase its profits and reduce its carbon footprint thanks to the system. Before, the restaurant was “selling bottled water from Sweden for $8 a bottle… They were purchasing the one liter bottles for $1.35 each and sold 1,500 a month, for a net profit of $9,975 a month. They contacted Vero Water and a VW2 system was installed the next day for $400 a month. Notifying customers about the revolutionary technology that purifies and softens their drinking water…they continued charging $8 a bottle. The restaurant’s bottled water sales remained constant at $1,500 a month. With Vero Water their profits were now $11,600 a month.…[which] netted a profit increase of almost $20,000 a year.”