Fashion Fore-Ward: Women’s Golf Attire by Donna Bonn

Fashion has never really been a serious issue on the golf course. Just look at all that plaid and argyle, yeesh. Thankfully, someone has taken it upon herself to change all that, and top female golfers all over the nation are singing her praises. Welcome, Donna Bonn.

Before Bonn, women were slaves to the so-called fashions of their male golfing counterparts. Shirts were too short, loose, and the patterns were all wrong.Now Bonn’s array of cool, long shirts are fashionable and fitted to the female form, along with a few extra bonus factors like rhinestone zippers and graphic tees. There is also a hat line and an upcoming long-sleeved shirt and skort line (remember those?) The lines are crafted from an organic cotton blend coupled with bamboo, giving the items a soft, cashmere feel. Plus the tees are designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter months, so you won’t have to worry about those worrisome pit stains on your follow through.

Bonn’s history as a golfer together with her family ties to the sport (her father was on the PGA tour and her grandmother was a professional golfer as well) have given her a good eye for what female golfers need on the course, i.e. what works and what doesn’t. LPGA golfers like Anna Grzebien, Kelly Sheeham and Taryn Durham are all self-proclaimed “Bonn Girls” and it looks like this Chandler, Arizona based company is going to become quite the contendor in the world of sports fashion.

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