Truffles and Pearls for an Artful Life

Art is Life and Lee Sun-Don, pioneer of Totemic Energy in Oil Painting, opens a whole new world in Soho NYC.

Balance, harmony and perfect energy – concepts necessary to survive our concrete jungle, but sometimes forgotten by the whirling tornadoes on chasing NYC pavements. The solution lies at Frontier Art & X-Power Gallery.

From the art you hang on the wall, to the jewelry you wear and handbag you carry, to the products you use on your skin, to the tea you drink and the plates you dine from, master Lee Sun-Don has created GP DEVA. A range of products for all of these activities that channel vibrant energy through your daily routines.

Golden Luster Necklace, $31,000

Two especially ‘Haute’ products which jumped out a recent private reception held at the new Soho store hosted by Lee Sun-Don were a pearl drop necklace and Truffle Fantasy Skincare. While sipping GP DEVA’s natural herbal tea, which provides balance from the inside out, Bea Assavarju discussed the beneficial elements of the Skincare.

The Truffle Fantasy Ultimate Age Defying Cream ($419) comes in a hand-made artistic colored glaze vessel. Skip the mac and cheese truffles at the Waverly and indulge in this skin revitalizing treatment instead. The formula improves the aging appearance, smooth out fine wrinkles, softens skin, brightens and brings “users to an unexpected joy of surprise.”

Stop by the Soho Flagship store today for a tour of all the great products and artwork GP DEVA offers to help you on the path towards ‘serenity, brilliant perfection and wholesomeness.’

Frontier Art & X-Power Gallery is located at 70-72 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012  (at SoHo)

For more information on GP DEVA products visit