Time for a Dip: The Haute 5 Swimming Pools in Dallas

It’s like a dream: the moment summer hits, the sun beats down mercilessly on the heads and shoulders of those of us scurrying from our air conditioned cars to the comfort of our offices. Luckily, we are saved, at least on weekends and holidays, by wide spans of endless blue water, cool and inviting, waiting for us to dip into after we gain that perfect glowing tan, sipping mojitos on a comfortable chaise. Looking for a wet getaway amidst the scorching Texas sun? Keep reading.

Joule Hotel Pool

If you’re interested in taking a dive into the wild side, try the Joule Hotel’s pool, which juts out over Main Street a few yards eight stories up, making glass and water the only separation between the swimmer and, well, the driven over. Open to the public through October, this is one cool spot you shouldn’t miss.

The Joule Hotel is located at 1530 Main Street in Dallas, 214-748-1300

The Pool at the Azure

Yes, most likely you will need to know someone to get into this oasis, or else live at this exclusive Uptown residence–or else have some really, really good sneak in route. But the pool at the Azure is locally known as the best in town, notably for its tented cabanas, private enclaves and large crystal clear swimming pool.

The Azure is located at 2900 McKinnon Avenue in Dallas, 214-468-0002

Fraternal Order of Eagles Pool

I have to include this pool because of its ultra chill vibe and the fact that its open to the public all summer (not a member? throw down five bucks). Watch the Rangers on TV inside the air conditioned full bar while playing pool, or enjoy the big outdoor pool with a grill and volleyball court. It’s never too crowded, and is close to all the White Rock Lake locals.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is located at 8500 Arturo Drive in Dallas, 214-327-9563

The W Hotel Pool

Yes, it’s “in” to have an infinity pool, But when such a pool is located in a carved out mid-floor of a hotel/apartment complex, it’s one of those see it to believe it kind of things, especially since the view from said Victory Park pool is the skyline of downtown Dallas. See and be seen, but don’t get that uber expensive bathing suit wet.

The W Hotel is located at 2440 Victory Park in Dallas, 214-397-4100

SMU Barr Outdoor Pool

Barring a few swim meets, this pool is yours all summer for a comparatively affordable fee. Centrally located, diving board, lounge chairs and so centrally located, this University Park favorite will have you stocking up on the SPF 30 all summer long.

SMU Barr Outdoor Pool is located at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas