Swarovski’s Crystallized: Creative Jewels, Gems and Glamour

Blinging rocks on your fingers? Or a discreet little signets on your toes? There’s no doubt that jewelry should reflect your personality but even with so much choice out there, it does at times feel like it’s all just the same. Step forward Swarovski Crystallized. Spend an hour here, which will soon become an afternoon, and quite simply you can design your own crystal creations.

Choose a simple bracelet or necklace and go from there. Pair your solid bangle or delicate chain with a crystal charms, add another (or ten maybe?) to go as mad or as muted as you wish. Teardrop, butterfly and heart jewels, horseshoe and festively themed charms; whatever your style, pick out bright trinkets from Swarovski’s iconic, rainbow-colored selection of gems.

There are more than 2,000 jewel designs to choose from and so you may want to take a break in the elegant café upstairs to refresh your imagination. As luxurious and as sparkling as you would expect from Swarovski, both store and lounge are chic and modern with helpful staff to inspire you to get your designer potential flowing. Relax, have a coffee, and then get back to work. Hopefully it will all become crystal clear.

After you are happy with what you have created, leave it to be custom built, ready for you to pick up from the store or sent to your home. However, if you don’t have the time to join the creative ranks of Alexa Chung and Lindsay Lohan in designing your own, you can always take a look at Crystallized’s ready-to-wear pieces.

24 Great Marlborough St., Soho, London W1F 7HU, 020 7434 3444