Electra Bicycles: Commute in Style

It’s good to be green, and sometimes it can be oh-so fashionable as well. Forget the hybrid car and go straight for the bicycle– a luxury version, of course. Electra is the manufacturer of a slew of gorgeous bi-wheel rides with the exquisite taste and comfort of their customers in mind. The cool retro style and state of the art engineering make for a truly aristocratic cycling experience. Here are a few of my faves.

Men’s Amsterdam Royal 8i in Black– For the man who has everything comes the bike that has everything. This elegant cycle comes equipped with fenders, a mudflap and coat guard, and fully enclosed chain guard, not to mention a leatherette saddle with steel springs.The upright riding position and swept back ergonomic handle bars allow for a comfortable ride that relieves tension one can usually get on the back, arms and wrists.

Men’s Cruiser Ghostrider 3i in Black- I think it’s the flames along the side, or perhaps the super sweet lowride design with the deep bar curve, but this Cruiser edition is just plain fun. Comes with custom grips, Electra “Fat Boy” handle bars and a painted stubby rear fender.

Ladies’ Ticino 18D in Creme Fraiche– This bike has class written all over it. Not only is the light, creamy beige color deliciously rich and timeless, but the French and Italian inspired design also comes with vintage detailing like leather toe straps. Want to add a basket, trendy bells or even purchase some riding gear like gloves or hats? Electra’s got you covered.

Visit www.electrabike.com to shop or to find a dealer near you.