Dori’s World: Neil Rubler’s 40th Birthday Party at Boom Boom Room

Host with the most: Allison and Neil Rubler

Allison and Neil Rubler have a very busy schedule, between his real estate career, their passion for collecting art, spending tons of family time with their beautiful daughters, and Ali running the charity, Israel Museum, with her sister Meredith Verona. But regardless of their professional, philanthropic, and family commitments, this couple still knows how to have fun, so I wasn’t surprised when they decided to celebrate Neil’s 40th birthday by renting out Boom Boom Room for the night.

Our favorite venues: Boom Boom Room

The venue, which is one of the hautest in NYC right now, was filled with such energy because of the great friends and incredible music. Allison’s contagious laugh and Neil’s smile, combined with their warm welcoming personalities would have been enough to make this party great.

Guests we hold dear: Scot Lerner, along with Ed and Susan Harrison were seen dancing around a table, Chris and Richard Mack were spied boogying down to the DJ’s mix, while Lizzie and Jon Tisch, Erica and Michael Karsch, Roxanne Palin, Jane Wagman, and Inga Rubenstein were all, of course, looking fabulous in designer ensembles. Yours truly chose Valentino for the affair.

Insider Details: Brett Heyman did not look like she just had a baby as she chatted to Charlotte Blechman, Nina Davidson, and Kelly Mack of Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group. Susie Casdin is already planning a new venue for her Hassenfeld charity, while Debbie Peltz, wearing green Peter Som, and Harlan Peltz teased me about how many times a week I go to Boom Boom Room. Lizzie and Jon Tisch had an early dinner and the Standard Grill before coming to the fete, and I had a mellow dinner with my good friends David Schulhof and Edouard Gerschel before we arrived. Ulla and Kevin Parker, Tasha and Peter Genatt, Liz Maidman Jackie Hockberger, Charlie and Lauren Walk, Stefanie and Izzy Goldreich, Bryan Verona, were also just some of the 200 guests that were at the soiree.

And if all this weren’t enough, I couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone that now I can view all of my Facebook pics on my new Sony Dash, courtesy of Sony man Rob Wiesenthal.

In addition to all of the pics below, check out the Haute Living events page for more photos from the fete.