Dori’s World: A Private Birthday Party at Core Club

On Thursday night, May 14, friends of mine whose names will have to remain a secret, threw a little private birthday party at the Core Club. I am allowed to tell you who was in attendance, but not allowed to reveal who the fabulous hosts were.

The birthday party started out elegant at the cocktail hour, but after the dinner, the guests started to boogie down. Guests who were there, some of which deserve their own blog, included Eva JeanBart-Lorenzotti who owns Vivre catalog—if you have not yet discovered it, Vivre has all the hottest items from jewelry to bags to shoes and home décor items—Ulla Parker and Kevin Parker, who has started a whole new easy site for shopping in conjunction with MasterCard and Next Jump, called MasterCard MarketPlace, Roald and Nazanin Smeets, John Theodoracopulos and one of the top residental brokers in the country, Serena Boardman. Marisa Noel Brown, who has now started her new jewelry line called TRE, with her partner, Ulrica Lanaro, were there as well, along with Dennis Paul and Coralie Charriol Paul, who has also started a new bag line called C.lili, Shafi Roepers, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Kalliope Karella, Donna and Douglas Taylor, Jackie Astier, furrier Dennis Basso, and hedge fund manager Alex Bahadori.

It was a blast from the past, reminding me that Saint-Tropez season is around the corner.