Time To Bling: The Haute 5 Jewelry and Watch Boutiques in Dallas

If there’s one thing that competes with the size of your hair in Dallas, it’s the size of your bling. Bigger is better in Texas, after all, so the jewelry boutiques of our fair city must be up to the challenge of keeping the hunger of the glitteratti satiated. Thankfully, we have plenty of boutiques and designers who continue to step up to the plate to bring us the boldest, most luxurious jewels and time pieces to weigh down our wrists and lighten our spirits.

Noble Boutique

William Noble Rare Jewels has a contemporary, wilder side–and this is represented at Noble Boutique in Highland Park Village. The location itself is modernized, with wall exhibits and a cappuccino and wine bar (nothing like a couple glasses of Cab to get up the courage to splurge.) All the gemstones are there–from emeralds to diamonds–but there is an artistic flare that makes all of Noble’s pieces unique and noticeable. From South Sea Pearl rings to Aquamarine Briolette Bracelets, you’ll find a gorgeous selection for any occasion.

Noble Boutique is located at 18 Highland Park Village, 214-526-3891

The deBoulle Salon

Driving down Preston Road, you can’t miss deBoulle, the jewelry and time piece boutique built like a two-story French villa. For over 25 years the store has served the most discerning of Dallas clients with their hand-selected collections (22 watch designers alone) and hand-crafted deBoulle designs. Don’t see anything you like amidst the sparkling diamonds and gems? Just put your idea on paper and let one of deBoulle’s craftsmen make your bejeweled dream a reality.

The deBoulle Salon is located at 6821 Preston Road in Dallas, 214-522-2400

Ylang 23

Joanne and Charles Teichman had a vision for their boutique all the way back in ‘85: that it would stay ahead of the curve in the world of fashion jewelry, and competitively offer the best, most exclusive and luxurious pieces for their shoppers. They succeeded, and still manage to continously host events at their store in the Galleria where top designers flock from all over the US to appear and promote their lines. Joanne’s blog, hiP & hiGH enD, keeps her clientele aware of her fabulous parties.

Ylang 23 is located in the Galleria at 13350 Dallas Parkway in Dallas, 972-980-0819

Curtis Miller

The Curtis Miller showroom, located in Dallas’ World Trade Center, is home exclusively to the breathtaking collection of Mary M Designs (this may be, perhaps, due to the fact that Mary Margaret Myer is Miller’s wife.) However you will also find a fine collection of watches at Curtis Miller, from Fendi and Swiss Army to the near indestructible BALL watch line, a durable, rugged yet innovative and opulent collection of time pieces.

Curtis Miller is located in the World Trade Center at 2050 N. Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, 214- 741-3333

Artisan’s Collective

If your palette leans more toward the chunky and funky, this art and jewelry gallery located in the heart of the Bishop Arts District is your store. All collections are from local designers, ranging from sterling silver and copper pendants to natural stone earrings to hammered metal bracelets. Support Dallas craftsmanship, and look damn good doing it.

Artisan’s Collective is located at 410 North Bishop Avenue in Dallas, 214-356-0818