Nobody Puts Mamma In The Corner

No one makes pasta like your mamma back in the old country, we know.  But for all those times when only mamma’s cooking will do (and you’re stuck in the city of angels), there’s the new Osteria Mamma.  The story is simple: Osteria La Buca, a long-time Angeleno favorite, was always helmed by Mamma Loredana Cecchinato and her son Fillipo Cortivo.  She’s known for making all her own pastas by hand and for consistently turning out authentic and mouth-watering culinary favorites reminiscent of Northern Italy.

When the partners behind Osteria La Buca recently split, Mamma and her clever son took their masterful culinary skills to a whole new spot, simply called Osteria Mamma.  As a traditional Italian grandmother might say, let the La Buca owners boil in their own pasta water now! At their new home, which is open for lunch and dinner on Melrose Ave near Larchmont, the menu features such enticing fare as (remember, homemade) Tagliatelle Bolognese, Ravioli Burro e Salvia (spinach and ricotta ravioli in butter and sage), and Tagliatelle Amatriciana.  Munch on a Tilapia Filet made with potatoes, tomatoes, and rosemary or a hearty Tagliata (or NY steak) served with baby arugula.   It’s not hard to see that Osteria La Buca senza Mamma is nothing like what you once ate in the old country.  We’ll prefer to follow Mamma wherever she goes.

Osteria Mamma is located at 5732 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles (323) 284-7060