Luxury Sport Fishing Like You’ve Never Seen

The bar to luxury on the high seas has officially been raised. The last time there was a yacht of this caliber, it was felled by an infamous iceberg. Putting Titanic to shame is the new supreme sport-fishing vessel, the Bertram 800. The product of brilliant engineers committed to the luxury and competency that the Bertram name connotes, the 800 exudes extreme power and unattainable ability. Featuring advanced forward and hull window design fashioned with multiple layers of tempered glass that can resist even the roughest fishing conditions, the Bertram 800 is for the faint of heart. If you fall victim to seasickness, we suggest setting sail on the Bertram 800 only—it offers exclusive ARG (anti-rolling gyro) technology, which suppresses that dreaded rolling motion and allows for a smoother ride. And to insure you don’t go stir-crazy aboard the 800, it has been designed with an extended cockpit, complete with an L-shaped mezzanine lounge seating area with ample space to unwind or entertain. And the décor is as tasteful as one would expect: the standard interior is a white oak wood, with optional exotic African mahogany accents. The sumptuous master suite offers sweeping views of the open ocean that you can’t find at any five-star hotel, as well as a four-cabin layout for the master staterooms, which can be customized upon request. Soon to be the new flagship of the Bertram fleet, the 800 is essentially a fully-loaded yacht that fulfills every fisherman’s needs, and might just be the reason why people are converting to sport fishing in droves.