He Wears it Well: The Haute 5 Men’s Boutiques in Dallas

They say behind every great man is a great woman. While I am hardly one to disagree with that old adage, I would like to add one thing: a stylist. Yes, even the most powerful, put together men need help in the style department, in fact that’s probably why they always look so debonair in the first place. Sure, thank Sally for her years of love and support, but how about Sam and those perfectly lined trousers? You know you wouldn’t have gotten the promotion otherwise. Luckily, Dallas is not to be out done in the way of fashion- regardless of who’s wearing the pants in the relationship.

J Hilburn

We may never know how many executive decisions were made over pool tables in history (Bay of Pigs?), but at least one got the boys of J Hilburn their gig, and they haven’t looked back. One night in 2007, over a fervent sales presentation and a couple of swatches on a pool table, Hil Davis and Veeral Rathod began their custom clothing line with the goal of producing quality clothing and personal service at the cost of, or less than, off-the-rack prices. You can custom design your perfect shirt with fine Italian fabrics, or get fitted for trousers, sweaters, or a number of hand crafted accessories like belts and cufflinks. Bonus: Not in Dallas? Not to worry. You can now shop online and have your clothing shipped to your front door.

J. Hilburn is located at 2601 West Mockingbird Lane, Suite 100 in Dallas. To find a style advisor near your, visit www.jhilburn.com

Lombardo Custom Apparel

No one can make suits a social event like Jay Lombardo. Every Thursday, he invites folks from around the Dallas metroplex to join him at his store and enjoy a cigar, some wine and a little Dean Martin while perusing the racks, which are filled with the highest quality fabrics, fits and menswear designs available. Clients include CEO’s, entertainers and NFL stars, and Lombardo himself guarantees you will be the best looking guy in the room with one of his pieces. Lombardo Custom Apparel has now branched out to Atlanta, Philadelphia, Vegas and Washington, D.C., but you can only get this Italian family-style hospitality from the big man himself, and he calls Dallas home.

Lombardo Custom Apparel is located at 17604 N. Dallas Parkway in Dallas, 214-265-8488

Q Custom Clothier

The Ratan family-owned workshop has been creating custom-made fine clothing since 1965, and many of the tailors employed at the company’s inception are still crafting garments for Q today. It is in this tradition that the people at Q Clothier continue to serve the Dallas community, providing the highest quality pieces with the most acute attention to detail. A fitting at Q is divided into eight steps, including a thorough investigation into an individual’s lifestyle and fashion preferences, a hand selection from over 3,000 fabrics, ranging from Super 100’s to Lora Piana Super 160’s, and meeting with a design consultant. Finalize your suit with an array of flattering accessories, and you are so on point.

Q Custom Clothier is located 85 Highland Park Village in Dallas, 214-780-0555, and at 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 303 in Dallas, 214-780-9888


Selected as one of “The Esquire Retail 100” for the last several years, Mallasadi has become one of the premiere men’s boutiques in Dallas, offering top of the line, unique styles and personalized service. The store offers some of the biggest names in fine suits and sports coats, from Italian brands like Belvest to Brioni (known as the “go-to couturier” for the like of Prince Andrew and Donald Trump) to Ravazzolo, as well as casual shirts from Luciano Moresco and Corsini. Mallasadi also carries their own brand of unique neckties.

Mallasadi is located at Village on the Parkway, 5100 Belt Line Rd, Suite 610 in Dallas, 972-404-4045

Culwell & Son

Face it: you like to get things done quickly. You’re not about to walk aimlessly around a mall just for the purpose of window shopping, and you’d rather not park that Mercedes more than once in a day. Having your needs in mind, Culwell & Son, a premiere local clothier, decided to put everything into their one location: retail space with custom clothing options, full service barbershop, shoe shine service and a dry cleaners. Meaning you can walk in Oliver Twist, and out Laurence Olivier. Got a nephew in need of some styling, or a wedding to attend? They’ve got you covered there as well.

Culwell and Son is located at 6319 Hillcrest Avenue in Dallas, 214-522-7000