Haute Highlights: Trudie Styler

Haute Living has a plethora of editorial content from our four regional editions that may be passing under your radar, and we don’t want that. We have so many gems hidden in our archives, so in addition to my daily Haute 100 Updates, I will now be providing “Haute Highlights,” focusing on one article from a print edition that I think is worthy of your attention. To kick off this new program, I highlighted director of winemaking at Robert Mondavi Vineyards Genevieve Janssen’s recent Haute Ambassador column, which discussed how to decide whether to cellar a wine or drink it now.

Today, let me direct your attention to editor Christina Bohnstegel’s recent profile of Trudie Styler, who is the wife of rock demigod Sting. The article appeared in the December/January edition of Haute Living New York, and it’s a shame that our readers in other markets didn’t get to see it. Not only is the photography by Steven B. Ekerovich stunning (Trudie broke out in some yoga poses while wearing some glam gear during the shoot at a David Barton Gym), but Trudie’s story itself is compelling…and exhausting. Christina writes:

She makes honey for Harrods, Selfridges, and Bamford. She takes on big oil companies without batting an eye. She produces 6,000 bottles of organic olive oil each year. She delivers formal addresses to the United Nations General Assembly. She cultivates organic wine on her Tuscan estate. She is a UNICEF Ambassador. She heads up her own production company, releasing award-winning films. She is a wife to rock-legend Sting, a mother of four, and in October, Trudie Styler presented the first of five DVDs in the mind, body, fitness series Trudie Styler’s Warrior Yoga from Gaiam, Inc.

Check out the article for more insight into the busy life of this icon, and come back tomorrow for more hidden gems from Haute Living’s archives.