Get Yourself Into It: Dallas Weekender Guide

You’ve checked out for the day. You’re iPhone ‘s going straight to voicemail if the call is business related, and you are already dreaming of that martini they serve at Stephan Pyle’s that’s the size of your face. However, if that’s as far as you’ve thought out your weekend, here’s a couple tips on the best bets in town. Cheers to that.

The Old Sing and Dance

Celebrating 70 years, the black tie event for Dallas Summer Musicals is this Saturday, May 1st  at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Expect glittering appearances from Broadway and musical theater greats like Mitzi Gaynor, David Cassidy and Sutton Foster. Stay tuned after the curtain call, though, there’s an afterparty.

Curtain Call Cabaret

When: May 1st

Where: Music Hall at Fair Park, 909 1st Avenue in Dallas

Call 214.413.3959 for tickets or visit S

Steel the Show

Saturday’s the last day to enjoy Michael Kalish’s Licence to Steel exhibit at Samuel Lynn Galleries. His work features iconic figures and classic Americana made from car parts like tailgates. Think Andy Warhol meets auto mechanic.

Michael Kalish’s License to Steel

When: Friday through Saturday, May 1st

Where: Samuel Lynn Galleries, 1105 Dragon Street in Dallas

Call 214-965-9027 for more information

Too Much Celluloid

If you didn’t get enough movie madness  from the International Film Festival, not to worry. From April 28th through May 2nd, the Angelika is hosting the USA Film Fest, showcasing the best in new fiction (Collin Farrel in fantasy romance flick?) and documentaries (His Name is Bob, an account of East Dallas keyboard player’s uber fun style.)

USA Film Fest

When; April 28 through May 2

Where: The Angelika Theatre at Mockingbird Station in Dallas

Call 214-821-FILM