Dori’s World: Dylan Lauren Supports ASPCA at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC

There is never a dull moment in New York City, particularly when friend, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Dylan Lauren is involved. Such was the case this past Saturday morning when the CEO and founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar hosted a special event to benefit ASPCA. As Dylan explained to me, exclusively for, “Basically my goal was to raise awareness for ASPCA, encourage people to adopt pets, and to find homes for the animals that were there.”

Many people enjoyed sharing their love of animals and raising awareness by not only playing with the adoption dogs, but also by taking home animal-shaped balloon art as souvenirs, getting temporary animal tatoos, and having their faces painted to represent their favorite furry friends. There were many animals there to adopt, and any money that was made from candy sales that day went to ASPCA. Of course Dylan’s friends and supporters came out in droves, and amongst the crowd I saw Fabiola Beracasa, Jason Beckman, Lizzie Grubman, Lisa and Phil Falcone, Coralie Charriol Paul, Scott Stackman, Billy Farrell, Bryan and Meredith Verona, Rachel Peters, Liz Cohen with her charming daughter Miranda, and from London, Giulia Caltagirone with her adorable girls.

All in all, it was quite a successful Saturday morning, because as Dylan told me later, “The great news is that the three dogs and some of the 10 cats that came were all adopted!”