Benzes and Boats

What is more important to boating enthusiasts, however, is what you do not necessarily see at first glance. Setting a new bar for high performance, the 46’ Rider features AMG-inspired components that revolutionize the experience of power boating. Manufactured with a propulsion system and rigging resembling the same system that powers the SLS AMG, and a clean-sheet approach in addition to the extraordinary use of a pair of revolutionary twin-turbocharged 552 ci, 1350 horsepower Mercury Racing engines, the 46’ Rider is the culmination of advanced design and technology. In order to accommodate the direct air-induction and achieve the strong horsepower produced by each engine, a number of engineering revisions and innovations were required to create a specifically designed engine hatch. With more than 100 innovations on display, the boat is a commanding reminder of the true capability of a Cigarette.

Cigarette Racing boats have been leaving their legendary marks on waterways since 1969. With a globally recognized logo and iconic designs, Cigarette boats continue to set the standard for powerboating. Renowned for a custom approach to manufacturing, Cigarette Racing finishes each boat with the individual customer’s personal touch. Equally devoted to its drivers, Mercedes-AMG provides incomparable customer support for its superior-quality luxury vehicles. With a philosophy based on handcrafted precision, dynamic performance, luxury and style, and classic lines with just a hint of aggression, AMG zealously outdoes itself as it steadily increases the number of passionate and dedicated admirers.

Acknowledging that “each brand’s playground is as different as asphalt and water,” both AMG and Cigarette use their individual racing proficiency to immaculately develop high-performance machines suited for passionate aficionados who not only appreciate quality and luxury, but who also experience it on a daily basis, regardless of the surface below.