Ben Silverman’s Decision-Making Documentary

Ever wonder what’s going on in people’s heads? You may soon.

Ben Silverman, former NBC Universal co-chairman and Fisher Stevens, Oscar winner for dolphin doc ‘The Cove,’ have joined forces to create a full-length documentary exploring how humans come to make the decisions they do.

“We are going to be doing a thorough and detailed examination of why and how people make the decisions they do and how different decisions have impact beyond the people making them,” said Silverman, who just this year launched his media company called Electus.

The documentary, co-directed by Stevens and ‘The Cove’ writer Mark Monroe, will use 20 cameras to follow 20 people around the world. Those included will be a rich couple from Los Angeles, a death row inmate and a struggling mother in a developing country.

The release is scheduled for 2011.