Artist Alexander Charriol Brings “The Human Flow” to NYC

Have you heard the word? If you’re one of those who prides themselves on being in the know when it comes to New York’s art happenings, then it won’t be news to you that Alexander Charriol has been up to a whole lot of good the past few weeks.

During the months of April and May, the Franco-American artist, has been in collaboration in KiptonArt to fuse music, art, and renowned artists together for the opening of his new series, “The Human Flow.” Far from your typical gallery showing, “The Human Flow” aims to draw in the audience through physical participation. The avant-garde presentation will offer, “a cross promotion of artists curating jazz, rock and classical music; a 24-hour drawing marathon with artists, props and models; and an exclusive opportunity to participate in an Q&A and master class in painting with an established artist. The pop-up gallery will also house live drawing sessions during the day and live jazz and blues jam sessions during the evenings.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Charriol recently, and our conversation started on the fact that he is a colorblind artist; he compensates for this by feeling the colors. When he is sad, they are rougher and when he is happy, they are smooth. His work is homogeneous and free flowing.

This particular show is about crowds, masses of people, and finding a way to fit in with a group. Charriol is fascinated by the power of masses, and aims to touch people by the power of the crowd.

Sometimes an introvert when perfecting his craft, Charriol creates in Los Angeles in order to isolate. He finds particular inspiration from the decade of the 40s and is intrigued by the artists from that generation who painted in suits. But he can extend his fascination to the greats from the 50s as well.

Charriol first realized he was in love with art in Hyde Park in London one summer when he was bored and walked in front of a toy store and decided to buy a pad and paper and began sketching. He went home and his mom and sister thought, “not too bad.” They realized the stroke of a gifted artist instantly.

Today, he is ready to share his gift and inspire everyone to rebirth, to give birth to the artist that exists in every living soul.

On Thursday, April 22, there will be a cocktail reception to celebrate “The Human Flow,” from 6 to 9 p.m. at 4 East 27th St. in NYC. Check for RSVP information.