All in the Family: House of Creed Celebrates 250 Years by Celebrating Its VIP Clientele

One’s personal connection to perfume is an intangible love affair—difficult to describe, and even more difficult to understand. Not if you’re the privately held luxury fragrance dynasty Creed, however, which has remained beloved by many of the world’s most influential people since 1760. As its 250th anniversary approaches, the House of Creed is marking the event in a typically creative and loyal way—signature traits of the dynasty that have allowed it to flourish for centuries despite corporate takeovers, miserable economies, and short attention spans. A selection of letters and other communications from some of Creed’s most distinguished clients throughout the years will be on display from April through December 2010 at the Creed boutique on Madison Avenue.

So who are some of the more notable clients of the renowned fragrance house? Expect to see letters from President and Mrs. Obama, former First Lady Laura Bush, Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia of Spain, members of the British royal family, Olympic gold medalists, military heroes, the Mayor of New York City and others. Incredibly, Creed’s 19th-century royal warrants from the Queens of England and Spain will also be on view.

Whether you love Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, Imperial Millesime, Fleurissimo, Spring Flower, Original Vetiver or any of the other more than 40 fragrances for men and women found at the boutique, we’re willing to bet this exhibition will trigger within you a new-found connection with the idols who have spritzed on these fragrance before you. You may not be royalty by blood; however, a quick spray of one of these iconic fragrances will have you smelling like royalty.