Sony Ericsson Tennis Open Coming To Miami

Your’re going to want to get your day planner out for this one.

During March 22 – April 4, the City of Miami will play proud host to the annual Sony Ericsson Tennis Open. The Ericsson is a 12-day annual event showcasing some of the best tennis players in the world including Federer, Nadal, the Williams sisters, need we say more?

This must attend event offers $6.9 million in prize money and is considered to be the largest tennis tournament in the world, other then the four major Grand Slams.

If you plan on attending, come hang out with us at the ever-so-haute Bombay Sapphire Lounge where you will find a plethora of beautiful Miamians and the tournaments signature drink, the Sapphire Ace.  The Sapphire Ace is similar to a Collins, but with raspberries.  These drinks will be prepared by some of the best bartenders in Miami including the Bombay Sapphire Master Mixologist, Milo Rodriguez.

The Ericsson tournament takes place at Crandon Park, which is conveniently also the site for the Sapphire Lounge.  So in case you weren’t already planning on it, we suggest you take the day off of work to watch some amazing tennis, have a few drinks, and relax in the sun. Don’t you just love Miami?