Top Five Haute Vacation Spots

Many of our readers achieved status and stardom by exuding an unrivaled work ethic, and we at Haute Living feel all of your hard work should be rewarded. The following is a list of the 5 best vacations destinations known to man, so when you need a break from the hardships of everyday reality, we highly recommend you travel to one of these glorious destinations. Have fun, and bon voyage.


Surrounded by swaying palm trees, white sand, and a view worthy of countless looks, Antigua is renowned for providing premier names with amazing experiences.  Giorgio Armani, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, and Eric Clapton are just some of the celebrities that make Antigua there second home.

Sardina, Italy

Beautiful deep blue water clashes with tall rock cliffs forming the astounding shoreline of Sardina, Italy.  This incredible location is home to the infamous Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian Prime Minister, and successful entrepreneur.  His lavish and luxurious estate resides on the Sardina cost and boasts extravagant amenities such as an artificial lagoon and an underwater entrance.

Wildcat Ridge, Colorado

Owner of the popular Chelsea football club in the English Premiership League, Russian business mogul Roman Abramovich chooses this next location as his winter getaway (as some readers may recall, Mr. Abramovich’s yacht, the Pelorus made our most expensive yacht list).  Blanketed in white snow and surrounded by endless picturesque views, this location offers some of the world’s best skiing and is home to celebrities such as Jack Nicholson and Kevin Costner.

West Greenland

Our next location appears to offer the sensation of complete seclusion, something we all need on occasion.  This snowy mountain top getaway serves as Bill Gates mind cleansing locale when he needs to relieve stress.  Offering premier skiing and seclusion, this haute vacation spot is definitely worth visiting.

Necker Island

Surrounded by the deep blue Caribbean sea of the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island embodies the needs and desires of social elite.  Richard Branson owns this exclusive 74-acre property near St. Thomas.  The island provides guests with incredible amenities such as personal chefs and lessons in various water sports.  Renting the entire island is common among celebrities as this island can accommodate parties of up to 28 guests. Some famous party hosts of the past include Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, and Oprah.