Shake Shack Miami Style

The Shake Shack has announced their design plans for their first location out of New York. Expected to open in Miami June of this year, Randy Garutti, COO of the Shake Shack, expects to make this Miami Beach’s new haute hang out.

The eatery design will cater to the Miami vibe we all know and love. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, who designed Bird’s Nest in Beijing. Building plans include a 30’ ceiling with natural foliage that overflows from the ceiling to create a solarium vibe. And though the design of the location is just the icing on the frozen custard shake, let’s not forget the signature burgers, frozen custard, and delicious Chicago style hot dogs Shake Shack is famous for.

Shake Shack will be located on Lincoln road and will feature a large outdoor seating area. On a side note, the long wood tables slated to be apart of the new Shake Shack are actually reclaimed bowling alleys made into tables in Brooklyn. Plans to expand to other places are still in the works.