Virtual Island Attracts Real Dollars

A new real-estate frontier is being explored in the land of virtual reality, and it’s paying large dividends for those bold enough to invest in animated property.

Massive multi-player online role-playing games have skyrocketed in popularity. Games like Second Life, and Project Entropia, have attracted hundreds-of-thousands of online users to create virtual alter egos in order to live out a digitized life in complete and ever changing virtual worlds.

Sounds kind of geeky doesn’t it? Well, when you think about the fact that virtual items, including property, have accumulated more than $1 billion in sales over the last 12 months, who cares if it’s geeky or not?

Some astute investors are purchasing virtual land for prices no one could’ve ever imagined.  For example, a 22-year-old Australian gamer known by his virtual name, Deathifier, recently purchased a virtual island for the price of $26,500. The land exists within the game Project Entropia, and it has some serious investment prospects attached to the price tag.

What kind of prospects you ask? Well, Deathifier will make money off his investment by being able to tax other gamers who come to visit his virtual Island to hunt and mine for virtual gold. He has also begun to sell plots of land to people who desire to build their digitized dream houses. Not bad for a computer nerd.

Like it or not, this type of investment is becoming a trend in the virtual world. Any way you program it, property investors are starting to pay attention to the virtual real-estate market because prospects for earning have skyrocketed right along side virtual role-playing games popularity.

Project Entropia Trailer