Luxury Homes for Sale in Quiogue, NY

New lavish and luxurious real estate has opened up for our beloved readers in the New York area. Real Li recently posted two homes for sale in the always prestigious and peaceful Quiogue area, an area that is sure to turn any would-be buyers head more than once.

The first home is an elegant waterfront property, formerly owned by the late Oscar-winning writer, Budd Schulberg. Listed at $3.5 million, the property offers an exquisite view of the ocean, 3,654-square feet of living space, a pool, guest house and 2.4 wooded acres of land. This is an amazing possibility for our New York audience.

The second home provides potential buyers with a spacious living accommodation of 6,600 sq. feet. The luxury home also sports a variety of modern amenities that today’s buyers can’t be without.  Along with far-reaching space, the home features an extensive 9.3 acres of land, a playful grotto pool, a dock on a gorgeous 317 feet of bay frontage, a horse stable, and 1,000-square foot apartment above the garage.  This home is currently listed at $10.8 million.

For our New York audience searching for that perfect home, these two could be the perfect fit for you, not to mention the opportunity to exchange good morning hellos with the always popular Mr. Anderson Cooper who lives right down the street.