Lies Maculan’s Dream Shop Pops up in Chelsea NYC

In a city paved for the millions of footsteps chasing the ambitions of infinite dreams, it is only fitting that an art exhibit called Dream Shop open with the height of art and fashion in attendance. Austrian artist Lies Maculan was supported by three hosts Erin Fetherston, Arden Wohl, and Kipton Cronkite for the VIP Opening Reception.

Artist Lies Maculan with her work

Lies Maculan’s temporary installation consists of a series of photo-realistic, life-size, 2-dimensional pieces. Enter into the rectangular portal filled with over 100 objectifications of dreams. These various objects are neatly placed on life size 2-dimensional wooden shelves. The objects range from a single egg, a Stepford-esque wife smiling while her children yank at her pearl necklace, and a Goose with a golden egg. Each object, alone as well as in comparison to the others, are rich in symbolism. One dimly lit room shoots off as a continuation of the installation. The singular piece in the room is a sleeping woman tucked beneath sheets of white, likely the culprit of some of these dreams.

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Mark Mullett, Britt Sponzo

Austrian chocolatier SchokoMicael offered handmade chocolates flown in from Vienna earlier that morning just for the opening and Solerno Liqueur served ‘Dream Bellini’ cocktails. With one of each delicacy in hand we paused for a moment to reflect on seating comforts provided by BoConcept Furniture. It was as if Lies somehow unearthed the internal manifestations of our catalogued memories and the notes from our secret diaries, such as our first pair of skates, the tales of Mother Goose and, and our visions of rising high on the corporate ladder and presented them before our eyes, without judgement they stand before us, bare and raw, and sharper than life for a surrealistic experience one may never forget.

The Dream Shop, located at 30 West 21st Street,  is open until March 31st, 2010  Tuesdays – Sundays from 3 – 11pm or by appointment to