Floyd Mayweather’s Shadow Hovers Over Dallas

Boxing fans everywhere once believed March 13, 2010 would be one of the most important dates in recent history. But when the super-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. fell through, the once anticipated date quickly became just another day.

Instead of watching what promised to be one of the greatest fights in recent memory, fight fans will instead watch a contest no one really seems to care too much about.

Later on tonight, rather than fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Paquiao will square off against Joshua Clottey (a name most fight fans new little about just 90 days ago) for the welterweight championship of the world (available only on HBO Pay-Per-View).

In reflection of the epic battle that was suppose to be, it is urged that boxing fans remind themselves what they lost the day Mayweather vs. Paquiao officially fell apart. The fight, which had the potential to be mentioned along side Ali vs. Frazier III or Hagler vs. Hearns as one of the greatest fights in history is now a fantasy of a bout that will never happen.

And while Mayweather’s shadow unquestionably hovers over tonight’s fight in Dallas, it remains to be seen if Paquiao vs. Clottey can do anything to make us forget about the super-fight that fell apart.

Most boxing experts feel that Clottey doesn’t stand a chance against the more polished Paquiao (Vegas has the Paquiao money line at -600 in favor of Paquiao), but let us remember that Clottey lost a 12-round decision to Miguel Cotto (a fight many people thought he won) and his heavy hands and big heart could prove to be troublesome for the naturally smaller champion.

Any way you lace it up, though tonight’s fight may prove to be competitive, it can’t possibly live up to the fight that could have been. And in a way, because of this, some feel Clottey has lost the fight before it has even begun.

Preview of Paquiao vs. Clottey