Mara Hoffman’s Stellar Supernova

Walking into Mara Hoffman’s Fall/Winter 2010 Presentation feels like walking into the future. Wild and vibrant colors paired with metallic tunes and a bohemian beat by Living Sacrifice set the tone for the evening. The scene: a well-lit gallery space with elevated models in Hoffman’s latest collection.

When asked what her collection is about, she says it’s a mystical, magical, cosmic journey into the future that translates into one big fantasy. One big fantasy indeed, from hand-dyed fabrics to her current concentration on crystal rock patterns. It all gives the optical illusion of looking through a kaleidoscope. Every angle you look, a different fantasy. Her inspiration comes from nature and the beauty of ethnic notions and world cultures.

In Hoffman’s far away galaxy, you can’t go wrong with leggings, not just any leggings though. Jungle pink and neon green leggings every which way you turn. And this season, if not leggings, it’s her religious devotion to the full-length jersey maxi-dress.

Kelly Cutrone, founder of People’s Revolution who put on the show, was very much in action on the gallery floor, graciously guiding Hoffman through the crowd. Hoffman’s designs have been a hit with the famous faces we love to follow, including Reggie Bush’s bodacious babe, Kim Kardashian, who was seen sporting a Hoffman mini-sweetheart dress at a recent Super Bowl celebration.