Good Morning, Sunshine: The Haute 5 Breakfast Spots in NYC

Breakfast is often noted as the most important meal of the day. From a $1,000 Lobster Frittata to steel-cut oatmeal, it’s only fitting that you start your morning off right with these Haute 5 NYC breakfasts.

Sarabeth’s has been serving piping hot nutritious delicacies since Sarabeth’s Kitchen in the Upper West Side of Manhattan opened in 1981. Starting out as a bakery and jam shop, the long lines and insatiable palates of Sarabeth’s clientele quickly led to the opening of multiple Sarabeth’s across Manhattan. Sarabeth’s on Fifth avenue at Lord & Taylor offers the “Goldie Lox” omelet, Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes, and Four Flowers Juice–a perfect start to the day.

Sarabeth’s has multiple locations. Visit their website for the complete list.