By the Slice: The Haute 5 Pizzerias in San Francisco

Pizza is a comfort food near and dear to the hearts of the American people. On average, each person in our indulgent country chows down on 23 pounds (yes, pounds) of pizza per year. San Franciscans know that those 23 pounds don’t have to be Domino’s, and with a plethora of gourmet food abounding around us, its only natural that San Francisco has its share of haute pizzerias in every neighborhood, when you need a fix and only a hot, cheesy, epicurean slice will do.

Pizzeria Delfina

Inspired by memories of New York pizza, owners Anne and Craig Stoll have created a neighborhood favorite in Delfina. The two locations for your pizza pleasure are always hustling and bustling with folks getting their comfort cuisine on. With ingredients like prosciutto, arugula, and house-made fennel sausage, you know you are in for something beyond your wildest plain cheese dreams. Rotating specials like pizza carbonara topped with scallions, Guanciale, one egg, pecorino, and black pepper will make you believe in mouth miracles again.

Pizzeria Delfina is located at 3611 18th St., 415.437.6800 and 2406 California St., 415.440.1189