By The Slice: The Haute 5 Pizzerias in Los Angeles

Different people need different pizzas at different times.  There is no replacing a late-night craving for a greasy and delicious slice of Frankie and Johnnies, for example.  Whoever coined the phrase “hits the spot” must have known all about this.  And just as there’s a time and a place for eating an entire pizza by yourself in front of the television, there’s a time and a place for delicately eating one slice at a time of an elevated, or haute, kind of pizza.  In LA, many a chef has taken it upon his or herself to take pizzas to the next level – beyond the usual Margherita style pizza, we’re now faced with choices like Fennel Sausage Pizzas and White Pizzas with Caramelized Onions.  It’s a beautiful thing when pizza can inhabit so many arenas in our lives – comfort us when we’re down, lift us up to where we belong (sorry, this whole Valentine’s Day thing is getting to us…) Here it is, LA’s most haute pizzerias.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria

With two outposts in Beverly Hills alone, Mulberry Street Pizzeria knows how to satiate any pizza lover.  It’s a New York style pizza joint with a no-frills attitude toward dough, cheese, and toppings.  The ambiance is very straightforward – black and white tiles, red checkered table cloths, and a TV playing the game.  So order up a Fresh Spinach White Pizza (sounds tres LA, no?), Sicilian Pizza, or a Tomato Artichoke Pizza by the slice or go for the whole pie and rest assured they don’t scrimp on their offerings.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria is located at 240 S. Beverly Drive (310) 247-8100 and 247 N. Canon Drive (310) 247-8998, both in Beverly Hills.