Butch Bakery May Find Permanent Manhattan Home This Spring

This just in…Butch Bakery‘s founder David Arrick is on the hunt for a permanent home for his boozy, testosterone-filled cupcake line.

In an interview with FINS, he expressed hopes of opening a store in downtown Manhattan this spring. Tapping into the masculine treat niche among America’s soaring interest in cupcakes, Arrick believes timing couldn’t be better considering his sales are through the roof.

Right now, Arrick’s made-to-order cupcake business has a staff of five and operate out of a commercial kitchen in Queens with with no shop. They deliver to greater Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. You can order from four different sample boxes, which range from $16 (four cupcakes) to $48 (12 cupcakes). Some of his burly varieties include:

B-52 Kahlua-soaked Madagascar vanilla cake with Baileys Bavarian filling

Rum & Coke Rum-soaked Madagascar vanilla cake with cola Bavarian cream filling

Sidecar Brandy-soaked lemon cake with orange-infused white chocolate ganache filling

Old-Fashioned Orange-soaked whisky cake with a lemon curd filling

Mojito Rum-soaked lime cake with mint white chocolate ganache

Beer Run Chocolate and beer-infused cake and with a beer buttercream, topped with crushed pretzels

Driller Maple cake with milk chocolate ganache and bacon bits

Home Run Peanut butter cake with banana Bavarian creme and bacon bits

Camp Out Graham cracker cake with a filling of marshmallow and chocolate ganache

Jackhammer Chocolate cake with hazelnut filling

Big Papi Cinnamon spice cake with a dulce de leche filling

Tailgate Caramel cake with a salted caramel filling

Butch Bakery; (646) 221-3477; www.butchbakery.com