Innovative Craftsman: Alex Soldier

Jewelry and art designer Alex Soldier was born on a threshold of Europe and Asia, in the Ural Mountains region, city of Perm, a region known for its abundant natural resources such as gold. Soldier’s work has always been inspired by the old Russian folk legend of Danila, the story of a craftsman who spent seven years of his life carving a flower out of malachite. The flower was said to have been a masterpiece, looking as if it had its own soul, even though it was made out of stone. When designing jewelry, Soldier strives to create miniature works of art, giving life to his work, like Danila gave life to his stone flower.

Soldier’s understanding of precious metals, along with an extraordinary gift for improvisation, gave birth to works that are mesmerizing in the intricacy. His objects are sought after by private collectors all over the world.

More than just metal and stones, Soldier’s jewelry is as meaningful as his miniatures, incorporating layers of details that offer many visual surprises. Each piece in his collection is a creation that represents the creator, expressing his individuality.

All pieces of fine jewelry are crafted with precision and uniqueness, differentiating them from any other brand. The bridal, couture, haute couture, and objet d’art collections all are truly remarkable, and feature the finest diamonds, gems, and crystals in the world.

The objet d’art collection features knick knacks and items of unique value, such as Alex Soldier’s gift, a statuette, to the greatest cellists and conductors for the Russian World Gallery in 1997. It consists of 35 separate parts of gold and platinum with rubies, sapphires, diamonds and pearls. A removable ruby ring completes the masterpiece as its 35th component.

Shown above: A snail ring from Alex Soldier’s Haute Couture collection

Bridal Collection
Couture Collection
Objet d'Art Collection: Piece for the Russian World Gallery

Via: Alex Soldier