Giacometti’s Modern Art Sculpture Is Up for Auction

Sotheby’s has an Impressionistic & Modern Art jewel lined up for the February 13 auction. One of Giacometti’s most important pieces, “Le Homme Qui Marche 1” has emerged from carefully guarded hands and set up post as lot #8. Already the sculpture is expected to bring in 12,000,000,000 British pounds.

Created in 1960, the sculpture has been critically acclaimed. Cast of bronze and measuring 72 inches, this iconic piece of art was the pinnacle of Giacometti’s experimentation with the human form.

Sculpted as part of a commissioned installation as a public project for Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York; the project was expected to be the first modernist outdoor project in the city’s financial district. Unfortunately the installation was never completed, but “L’Homme Qui Marche 1” has become an important work in its own right.

The auction house had this to say about the piece, “An undisputed masterpiece of Giacometti’s sculpture, “L’Homme Qui Marche I” is also one of the most iconic images of Modern art. It represents the pinnacle of Giacometti’s experimentation with the human form, combining a monumental, imposing size with a rich rendering of the surface. Capturing a transient moment in the figure’s movement, Giacometti created both a humble image of an ordinary man, and a potent symbol of humanity.”

Those are some pretty powerful words for the only life-sized figure of the artist to have appeared on the art market in over 20 years. Dresdner Bank AG at Sotheby’s London will be the entity selling this piece.

My advice for those eyeing the piece is to hop a jet to London and grab a paddle. I assume this gem will go for more than asked for.

Via: Luxury Insider