Feeding Hollywood’s Elite at The Golden Globes

If you thought planning Christmas dinner for your family and friends was hectic, try cooking up something for Hollywood A-listers at one of the most highly publicized events of the year, the Golden Globes.

Now that holiday season is over and done with, award season can finally take center stage. While designer’s are battling fashion issues and producers are working through production details, one man is taking on the kitchen. Suki Sugiura is the executive chef at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and each year he begins planning the Golden Globe menus six months in advance.

Imagine his audience—Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, and nearly 1,300 other Hollywood big shots. Any meal he creates must adhere to certain standards, of course, and be distinct, elegant, and appropriately calorie-conscious all at the same time to satisfy the ever-present demands of the stars that light up the big screen. One additional variable—the meal must be easy to eat as each guest is always aware of the multiple cameras in the room capturing their every move.

In addition to preparing the main meal for the event which takes place on January 17, Suguira must prepare an array of finger foods and other small items for nearly half a dozen after-parties that take place the same night. As daunting as that all sounds, fortunately for Suguira, there is a kitchen crew of more than 100 who help to prepare and labor away creating the food the as early as 6 a.m. on the day of the award show until past midnight. Suguira says, “It’s the busiest day of the year.”

Suguira has been responsible for satisfying Golden Globe stomachs four times and says he started dreaming up menu concepts as early as last summer. Once he has the ideas, he presents them to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who in turn presents it to the Globes who then more forward with their favorites.